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Meinhard Nebulizers

Meinhard Nebulizers

THE MEINHARD® CONCENTRIC NEBULIZER reflects the exacting standards in design and manufacturing that have made it the choice of the industry worldwide. Its advantages include simplicity of design and operation, reproducible and self-aligning aerosol, and close fabrication control. The MEINHARD® nebulizer is used in all major ICP instruments in the market today.


Meinhard Concentric Nebulizers


Type A Nebulizers

High-Sensitivity, General Purpose Concentric Nebulizer

Type C Nebulizers

High-Solids Concentric Nebulizers

Type K Nebulizers

Low Argon Flow Concentric Nebulizers

SilQ Nebulizer

Ultra High-Purity Quartz Nebulizer


Please contact us at 1-800-305-0004 with your application details and ICP or ICP-MS make and model to determine the correct nebulizer for your instrument.