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Poly Manifolds & Accessories

Poly Manifolds & Accessories

The HPLC Poly Manifold enables up to six waste lines (per manifold) from HPLC processes to be fed into a single intake fitting. Manifolds have six 1/4-28 ports and one 3/8" NPT port (all come with caps for unused ports) and either one quick disconnect in No. 316 stainless steel or polypropylene, or a No. 316 stainless steel stacker connector. The six ports are tapped to accommodate the 1/4-28 threads of the separately available compression fittings. The compression fittings, sold in sets of six, accommodate tubing sizes of either 1/16" and 1/8" OD. The fittings are approximately 1" long and made of Tefzel™. They include ferrules for a compression fit to the waste line. Manifold #28179 has a "stacker" connection enabling it to attach on top of a #28177 or 28178 and allowing up to a total of 12 waste lines to be fed into the disposal can. Multiple manifolds may be used on a custom-designed Quick Disconnect container as long as one disconnect remains unused to permit venting and prevent back pressure.
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Tungsten Lamp, GBC Scientific

◾︎ AW Part Number: P102


Tungsten Lamp, Unicam UV2

◾︎ AW Part Number: P103


Tungsten Lamp, Hitachi

◾︎ AW Part Number: P104
◾︎ OEM Part Number: Photron # P104


Tungsten Lamp, Perkin-Elmer Lambda 1 & 3

◾︎ AW Part Number: P105


Tungsten Lamp, Perkin-Elmer Lambda Series

◾︎ AW Part Number: P106
◾︎ OEM Part Number: B0114620


Tungsten Lamp, Unicam 5600/8675/SP8X00 Series

◾︎ AW Part Number: P107

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