Precision Glassblowing Nebulizers

ICP and ICP-MS Nebulizers | Precision Glassblowing

Precision Glassblowing of Colorado manufactures the widest range of nebulizers available anywhere, including a complete line of borosilicate and quartz concentric nebulizers, and exclusive rights to the world renowned Noordermeer V-groove and the patented Modified Lichte nebulizers. All PG nebulizers are manufactured to strict specifications, and are guaranteed to be compatible with your ICP or ICP-MS instrument.

All Precision Glassblowing nebulizers are available in quartz or borosilicate glass. All nebulizers are available in the conventional version, with QD sample uptake fitting, or with QD sample uptake and AC gas line fittings (pictured above). The QD fitting provides zero dead-volume between the sample uptake tubing and the internal capillary of the nebulizer, minimizing carryover and washout time.

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