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For Thermo Fisher (including TJA)

For Thermo Fisher (including TJA)


Analytical West offers a full line of torches, injectors, spray chambers, nebulizers, pump tubing & RF supplies for all models of Thermo Fisher and TJA ICP-OES instrumentation, including TJA Radial and Axial/Duo systems, and the newer iCAP 6000 Series models. Please view the products we have available using the following links:                                                                                                             

Products by Instrument Model

TJA Radial Systems                         Thermo Jarrell Ash Iris, Atomscan 16 and 25, ICAP and 61E, Intrepid       

TJA Axial / Dual View Systems       Thermo Jarrell Ash Iris, Tracescan, Trace, Advantage, Intrepid and Duo

Thermo iCAP 6000/7000 Series    Thermo Fisher iCAP 6000/7000 Series Radial and Duo

Please contact us or call (toll-free) at 1-800-305-0004 if you have any questions or uncertainty regarding which product(s) your instrument uses.

Products by Type



Torches & Accessories


D-Torch with Quartz Outer Tube for iCAP 6000 Radial



Alumina Injector, 2.0mm (EMT), iCAP 6000 Series


Spray Chambers & Accessories

 Tracey HF Resistant Spray Chamber, iCAP 6000 Radial 


Conikal Nebulizer w/ EzyFit, 2ml/min (30psi, 0.7L/min Ar) 

Load Coils

Gold-Plated RF Coil, iCAP 6x00/7x00 Series (Mark I) 

Pump Tubing

PVC 2-Stop Tubing, Orange/Yellow (0.51mm) 12/pk