OPTIFIX Bottle Top Dispenser

Optifix Laboratory Bottle Top Dispensers

The Poulten & Graf FORTUNA® OPTIFIX® Dispenser is the perfect choice for safe and accurate dosing of liquid chemicals. Five OPTIFIX® Types are available for precise dispensing of all types of chemicals:
Features of the Inert Kits include: BASIC - For dispensing aqueous solutions, acids and crystallizing media
SOLVENT - For dispensing solvents and viscous media
HF - For dispensing all media that can be handled by other OPTIFIX® dispensers, PLUS hydrofluoric acid (HF)
SAFETY - For dispensing strong acids and aggressive chemicals
SAFETY S - For dispensing strong fuming acids and very abrasive liquids Features of ALL OPTIFIX® Dispensers: User-friendly Design
Precision Tested
Virtually Indestructible

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